Pete Evans takes us inside his Family Home (2024)

What happens when Metricon and a famous celebrity chef team up? You get Pete Evans family home, which thanks to Australia’s favourite builder is nothing short of stunning.

Now you know I make no secret of the fact that I’m absolutely obsessed with Metricon. I’ve been working as a presenter and MC for them for over four years now. I’ve been in so many display homes and walked through multiple real customer homes, and each one shares a commonality: phenomenal design that speaks to the Australian way of living.

When Pete Evans engaged Metricon to build his family home in Sydney’s south-east, it was a winning partnership. And as you’ll see in this post, the end result has perfectly captured the indoor-meets-out feel that Pete and wife Nicola were hoping to achieve.

Let’s not waste another minute! Scroll on through and check out this beautiful Signature by Metricon home.

Pete Evans takes us inside his Family Home (1)

Pete Evans takes us inside his Family Home (2) Pete Evans takes us inside his Family Home (3)

Open Plan Living and a Killer Kitchen

The kitchen, living room and dining room are all connected in this home. It’s what Metricon do best, really; create spaces that seamlessly flow from one to the other. It was an important aspect for Pete and wife Nicola when they went into the design process with Metricon. It was crucial he could connect with family in friends in all three spaces.

“For me, the heart of the home is the kitchen,” he explains. “Being able to face out and engage with people while you cook is really important to me. It’s all about connection”.

The concrete benchtop you see Pete sitting on above is almost six metres long. The induction cooktop that sits in the centre of the island is what gives Pete the ability to talk to family and friends as he works his culinary magic. It’s these features – all accommodated by Metricon’s flexible designs – that have resulted in a home that Pete and his family can truly feel is theirs.

“Being in the kitchen, being able to cook for the kids – whether its Nic or myself – they’re always seeing what we’re preparing and cooking. Every single time that we eat, we always eat together. That’s a non-negotiable. It has been for the last 14 years; we always eat together.”

Tailoring Design Elements was Key

Tailoring different design elements in a home is what makes Metricon so amazing, and the process was an easy one for Pete and Nicola to navigate through.

“One of the great things about working with Metricon is how professional they were – especially when it came to being able to pick what you want in the home,” Pete explains. “It can be overwhelming making so many decisions if you haven’t experienced the process before, but working with the team at Metricon’s Studio M [selections showroom] is great because they hold your hand. They make you feel very comfortable”.

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A Boho Feel for the Furniture and Decor

Having met Pete when I hosted a recent event at Metricon, his personal style is relaxed and authentic. And this has flowed through into the furniture and decor in the family home. It’s a little boho, a little beachy, and a little new-meets-old. The result of this decor melting pot is a scheme that feels effortless and full of heart. And the subtle colour scheme feels soothing to the eye.

(If you want to see Metricon do boho design with a darker twist, check this post out).

Wife Nicola has put her own personal style stamp on the rooms, showcasing handmade ceramics from artisan friends. She’s also painted a number of canvases that are displayed across the home, like the Jim Morrison painting you see in the living room further up.

Pete’s passion for books is present in many of the spaces. Bookshelves are almost overflowing and there are always an array of books beside the bed and on tables. One large bookcase recess is dedicated to the many books Pete has authored through his career, with several more to come.

Making Memories for Years to Come

For a TV chef and judge on My Kitchen Rules, Pete Evans family home is void of a TV in the family living room. He has instead replaced it with a beautiful framed photograph of the Bondi Icebergs pool where Pete says loads of happy memories were created when the family lived nearby.Removing the TV from the living space has been a deliberate strategy to encourage more family time.

“We have a dedicated room for watching movies. We don’t have free to air television – we just watch movies. I’m a movie buff, I love them, so I wanted to create a space where I could make it dark, have good sound, have a big screen, but not in the main living area”.

Pete explains that the house has been designed to be their base while the girls grow up.

“We’re going to be here for a good amount of time, watching the kids grow up so we wanted to create a home for them that we could create memories in”.

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The Deets on Pete Evans Family Home

Pete Evans family home is a Knockdown Rebuild, which means the old home on the block was demolished. In its place – a gorgeous new Signature by Metricon home was erected. They built a double storey home that features a lot of customisable elements (it’s what Metricon does best!).

Pete chose Metricon’s Riviera facade, which you can see above. It’s one of the newer facades in the range and features clean angular form, shadow lines, and combination of materials. I’m personally in love with the colour palette of this exterior. Strong but soothing, and so contemporary. Another of my fave facades in the range is the Southhampton, which you can check out here.

Metricon’s Design Director Adrian Popple says that when working with Pete and Nic, “the focus was on creating an open plan home that seamlessly blends the indoor with the outdoor and capitalises on natural light”. I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve absolutely nailed the brief.

Want to get info on building your own Signature by Metricon Home? Click here.

This post includes images and/or videos ofMetricondisplay homes and events, reproduced with permission.
© Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

Pete Evans takes us inside his Family Home (7)

Pete Evans takes us inside his Family Home (2024)


Is Pete Evans paleo or keto? ›

Evans is also a motivational speaker, performing national tours in Australia. He first learned of the paleo-diet after reading the works of Nora Gedgaudas. Some of his claims on fluoride and calcium have been challenged by the Australian Medical Association.

What is Pete Evans' diet? ›

I caught up with Pete and asked about his philosophy, which is simple. “I don't eat sugar, gluten, wheat or other grains, dairy, or animals that haven't been humanely raised and allowed to live a natural life.

What happened to chef Pete Evans? ›

In April of that year, the TGA fined Pete $25,000 after he promoted a $15,000 lamp, claiming it could treat COVID-19. Following this, Pete and Channel Seven parted ways, and as a result, My Kitchen Rules was temporarily discontinued. The cooking show eventually returned in 2022.

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The Magic Pill is entertaining and includes elements of truth; however, we cannot recommend it since it also includes too many inaccurate or misleading statements that are not based on consensus science.

Why was Pete fired from MKR? ›

In April 2020, Pete was fined $25,000 by the TGA for promoting a $15,000 lamp he claimed could treat COVID-19. Subsequently, Pete and Channel Seven mutually agreed to part ways – and MKR effectively went on hiatus before returning in 2022. Pete left My Kitchen Rules in May 2020 amid controversial social media posts.

What restaurant does Pete Evans own? ›

Evans, 51, formerly a judge on Seven's My Kitchen Rules and the owner of several popular restaurants, including Hugo's Manly and Hugo's Lounge in Sydney, has been living a much less public life since 2020.

Does Pete Evans have kids? ›

Pete shares his two children - daughters Chilli, 19, and Indii, 18 - with former partner Astrid Edlinger, who he dated between 2001 and 2011.

Why did Pete Evans become a chef? ›

To support his lifestyle that consisted of fishing and surfing, he began rolling pastry at a pie shop and really enjoyed it; Pete realized as a teen that cooking could be the perfect job, being a good trade for him that would leave his days free.

Are Pete and Manu still friends? ›

In a recent interview on the podcast I've Got News For You, Manu shed light on his relationship with past MKR judge Pete Evans. When asked if he missed filming with Pete, Manu explained “of course I do!” “Pete and I have known each other for a long time, we're still good friends today.

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Is Pete's paleo gluten free? ›

All of our meals are completely Paleo friendly, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and do not contain any sweeteners. Our menus vary by season; this ensures you're getting the latest seasonal ingredients available from our farming suppliers.

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